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Three Ways Hospitality Businesses Can Elevate Their Customer Experience with Toshiba

As the hospitality industry continues to grow, so does the competition—and customer expectations. These days, customers have more choices and convenient ways to research those choices. Whether it’s finding the best slice of pizza or a boutique hotel with the friendliest staff, sorting and decision-making is easy with a few swipes on a mobile device.

Customers are turning to review sites in droves. With 96% considering reviews when booking a hotel and 94% being influenced by online restaurant reviews, it is critical for hospitality businesses to cultivate the customer experience to keep positive reviews coming.

With the right equipment, your staff can focus on the customer. Here are a few examples where IT selection directly impacts the customer experience:


Without this device functioning properly, you can’t take orders, customer wait times increase, and you risk losing business when customers voice their frustrations on social media and review sites.

Ease-of-use is just as critical as reliability. With a staff turnover rate of nearly 75%, hospitality workers are often young, seasonal and have limited training. Fortunately, the TOSHIBA HSP POINT-OF-SALE RECEIPT PRINTER SERIES is hospitality-grade, which means they are durable, efficient, easy-to-use and deliver high print quality.

The HSP Series was built specifically to meet the needs of the most demanding hospitality-based environments. The splash-resistant design is perfect for bar, kitchen, and outdoor environments. And, swapping out receipt paper during a busy rush is effortless because of top- and front-loading options that also include anti-jam technology.

In a world where every customer interaction is under the microscope with a domino-like effect, the Toshiba HSP Series ensures an optimal experience.


Interactive menus, ordering, and communication . . .  It’s no surprise to hospitality business owners that customers desire a personalized and efficient experience. Digital menu boards result in 10 times more customer eye contact than static menus. With TOSHIBA DIGITAL DISPLAYS, you can create tailored messaging that ties into your interactive menus. Add in automated ordering and you ensure your customers will not only enjoy their experience, but also order faster and, more importantly, spend more.

A tailored and efficient experience leads to happy customers and positive reviews – which then drive repeat and new business. Toshiba is a leading digital signage provider with a team of content experts ready to make your vision a reality and design an engaging and efficient digital experience tailored to your customers.


Efficient, and cost-effective print environments are also critical to providing a noteworthy experience to hospitality customers. Understanding that every business is unique, Toshiba proudly offers a robust suite of multi-function and specialty printers perfect for every hospitality environment.

TOSHIBA’S DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS ensure sensitive customer information is secure. Additionally, many of the most tedious and manual business processes can be automated, improving your bottom line and providing your staff with more time to serve customers. Optimizing your resources and printing smarter with TOSHIBA MANAGED PRINT SERVICES could reduce your costs, enabling you to spend less and achieve more.

Toshiba has specifically designed customized solutions for the hospitality industry to give any business the advantage. With point-of-sale receipt printers, DIGITAL DISPLAYS and a suite of MULTI-FUNCTION and SPECIALTY PRINTERS accompanied by our DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS and MANAGED PRINT SERVICES, you can reduce cost and promote an exceptional experience to customers. To learn more and better understand how our Toshiba products can improve your customer’s experience, please feel free to contact us.