Document Management for Pittsburgh-Based Businesses

Document Management Solutions

Is your office space dedicated to the legions of filing cabinets and paper that your company has processed or still needs to process? Are you paying too much in employee costs, having your best workers spending time trying to find the right file, only to discover that the papers that are needed aren’t in the file? Are you slow in replying to your customers because of the mounds of paperwork that need to be sorted through and filed before a job is complete? These document filing problems are very common, from too much paperwork to a lack of filing space. This is where document management solutions are necessary. By scanning and digitizing your entire collection of files and paperwork, we help you create space, enhance organization, and improve your delivery times, while reducing employee hours dedicated towards filing and archiving. Additionally, a digital solution is searchable and accessible across all kinds of devices, like tablets, mobile, and desktops from anywhere in the world.

Document Management Boosts Productivity

A Document Management System (DMS) creates a dedicated file system where companies can manage all of their organization’s information to plan, manage, and maintain continuity across all devices and locations. The system creates a collection of vital information to your company that is available to anyone, or access is given to a select few, extremely secure, tremendously quick, searchable, archivable, and automatically backed up daily. What does this mean for you and your company? It means that everything you do is easily accessible, backed-up, and available no matter where your business takes you. Saving time and having employees concentrate on their core skills instead of searching through files is a significant boost to the bottom line of companies that use a DMS. 

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